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As a professional, we sometimes take for granted the magnitude of skills that are required of us. To name a few, perhaps experience with typing, internet aptitude, navigating various software products and the most basic skill is communication. Yes, talking is a core component of your professional representation. We give presentations, talk to clients and provide advice to business associates. As we age, we may find our speaking voice isn’t what it used to be. Following are some key recommendations to keep your voice strong and healthy.


There are many things you can do to keep your vocal cords in shape but drinking water is at the top of the list. A proper water balance helps to keep your cords hydrated thus preventing hoarseness. Eating foods containing large amounts of water such as melons and grapes is also helpful.  Here is a list of the best foods and forms of hydration for your voice.

Drinking water is poured into glass from the bottle
Drink plenty of water to hydrate your vocal cords.


Because we take our voice for granted, we may inadvertently abuse our vocal cords. Yelling, screaming, talking loudly, even clearing your throat too often, are all forms of vocal strain.  When you abuse your vocal cords it is like clapping your hands really hard, loud and fast.  After a period of time, your vocal cords begin to react to the impact by becoming swollen and inflamed.

Side view of a woman holding a hand up to her mouth as she is shouting loudly.
Yelling can damage your vocal cords


Smoking has both short and long-term adverse effects on the vocal cords. Smoking can include cigarettes, cigars, pipes, vaping, e-cigarettes, marijuana or any other type of inhalation of vapors. Smoking can cause coughing, lung irritation and hoarseness of the voice that may not go away. Smoking can also cause nodules to form on the vocal cords thus altering the sound of the voice.  For help with smoking cessation start with this useful site.

Man Holding Vape And Tobacco Cigarette Over Desk
Inhaling any type of vapor can damage vocal cords


It may come as a surprise that your overall health contributes to the quality of your voice.  Your voice is more than just your vocal cords. Your vocal system depends on how you are using your breathing.  Regular exercise helps increase overall stamina, build muscle tone and improve posture, all of which contribute to a healthier voice.  As we age the multi-layered vocal cords within the larynx suffer muscle loss over time. The cords often become thinner and less pliable, therefore exercise and the ability to breathe deeply is extremely important. One way to strengthen your vocal cords is to sing, tell a story or grab a straw and hum into it.  Check out this site for more information on how to exercise your vocal cords.

highlighted blue  healthy lungs on woman body
Daily exercise helps to keep the voice strong and robust.

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