Working Remotely with Kids During Covid-19

Making the Shift to Working Remotely Can Be a Shock for the Whole Family

Working remotely requires a new routine with kids during covid-19
'Me time' can become 'We time' when working remotely.

While employers seek to reduce the impact of a potential Covid-19 pandemic, families are faced with developing a new routine around working remotely. Switching from office banter to listening to pitter-patter of children underfoot can be stressful. Limit the tension by implementing these 5 best practices for working remotely with kids during Covid-19.

Be Consistent

A morning routine sets the tone for the day. Kids need to have an idea that you indeed sign on and off from work. Set expectations with a consistent schedule. As well, create space throughout the day for meaningful interactions with the little ones. 

a cup of coffee can start the day and set the the tone for the day
Implement routines to set expectations for the day.

Create Boundaries

Teresa Douglas, Co-author of Secrets of the Remote Workforce, says that parents must set their work boundaries with their children. Even if you have a caregiver during work hours, take steps to indicate your limits.  For example, when necessary, Douglas suggests putting a “STOP, I'm in a meeting” sign on the door.  

woman holding crying baby while trying to work on computer is not a good work boundary
Set boundaries to create a calm work at home environment

Be Inclusive

Various non-meeting work duties provide more flexibility. Consequently, you can include kids in your work day by setting up a desk near yours. Together you can "work" side-by-side on coloring, puzzles, or math problems.

Children working at desk with puzzles and crayons help to make them feel included
Including children in work like activities can make them feel involved

Hire Help

A housekeeper or cleaning service to pick up the domestic slack, if only for a short duration, you’ll be freeing up precious time that can be spent both on work and on connecting with your kids. In addition, hiring a nanny or babysitter to spend time with the kids during a portion of the workday is another wise investment.  

Mom handing baby to nanny to watch while she completes her workday helps to keep sanity and peace
Having a nanny or housekeeper can help keep your sanity in a remote workplace

Enjoy the Little Moments

It’s true they do grow up quickly so take this time to appreciate the twist of fate that Coronavirus has brought your family closer together. One parent recently said her heart melted when she was working on preparing emails that she overheard her young son talking to himself and his toys as he played in the room next door. 

Mom is enjoying a time out at work with her little one
They grow up fast, have fun with your little ones
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