Emerging IT Jobs in eScooters, the Race is On!

Mantek Solutions' recruiting writing team has decided that a little distraction is needed.  Allow us to indulge in an unrelated passion and explore this entertainment technology and the potential emerging IT job opportunities. When one thinks of an eScooter, one is probably envisioning those pesky, skinny scooters that litter city streets after a short pay-per-minute ride.  The Scooter has grown up, thanks to eSC.

What is eSC and how has it built the eScooter IT job demand 

eSC stands for Electric Scooter Championship.  The eSC was co-founded by a group led by motorsport entrepreneur, Hrag Sarkissian, Formula 1 broadcaster, Khalil Beschir, and Formula E racer, Lucas di Grassi.  The eSC has dubbed their first race the ESkootr Championship. The race will be part of an international series, pitting riders against each other on special two-wheeled race scooters that can go up to 60 mph. The races will begin in 2021 in cities around the world. To keep informed of dates and riders follow eSC on Twitter. 

Two men racing scooters through a dark tunnel with helmets on and neon lighting on the scooters.
Expect to see the 1st eScooter racing championship in 2021

Technology Jobs at eScooter Companies

For speed and durability manufacturer, MiniMotors, delivers the Dualtron Thunder with a top speed of 50 mph delivering 80 miles on one battery run.  Manufactured in the USA, ZEV, has 19 electric scooter models. The ZEV 3600 offers a top speed of 37 mph with a battery range of 32 miles. Probably the best-known electric scooter is the Razor Scooter.  The first electric Razor scooter was released in 2003. Today the Razor is manufactured by RazorUSA, based out of Cerritos, California.  The Razor E300 reaches a top speed of 15 mph and 12 miles per battery run. VeoRide is a shared electric scooter company that has invested heavily in their research and development team. VeoRide, founded in 2017, operates scooters and bikes in dozens of cities and college campuses across USA.

Emerging IT Jobs and Computer Careers in Micromobility

Two young women riding eScooters on a college campus
eScooters are becoming prevalent on college campuses

If you would like to become involved within this growing field, there are plenty of directions to take your career. Startups are looking for C-level candidates as well as technical professionals such as full-stack engineers. There is an abundance of data analysts' jobs in the micromobility field.

High-tech, low-tech and executive jobs are available in the micromobility field.

While the Razor scooter may not be heading to the racetrack anytime soon, there’s no doubt that the eScooter industry will sprint to the front of the economic rebirth. You can bet this industry will only continue to grow.

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