Cobots, Your New IT Job Co-Workers

Human Counterpart the new IT Job Co-Workers

Cobots, otherwise known as Collaborative Robots, are becoming increasingly in-demand within various industries. Cobots differ from actual robots in that they can work safely alongside people and would fill a new IT Job Co-Workers function. Mantek Solutions was surprised during the research of this article, that the latest generation of Cobots don’t even require IT programming.  They learn their task from their human teacher, who shows the robot by moving it manually through the steps of the job. The early renditions of cobots require traditional programming and coding methods.  For the past several years, the general public has been using cobots to help with housework through the use of a robot vacuum. This simple cobot requires uncomplicated programming during the set-up phase.

The New IT Job built Cobots is cleaning up
The New IT Job built Cobots is cleaning up
Cobots help us with light housework

That Utilize Cobots

Manufacturing factory floors have escalated the use of cobots. For the manufacturing plant the safety feature, quality and the repetitive precision element of the cobot is truly invaluable.  Airports, warehouses, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions benefit from using cobots for industrial cleaning. Cobots are contracted to ensure a building adheres to ISSA (International Sanitary Supply Association) rules and regulations ensuring cleanliness at all times.  Companies that make intricate injection molded parts for medical and electronics industries use cobots.  These cobots will pick intricate component parts, transport them to the trimming station as well as place the finished product in front of a human operator for the next phase.

ndustry 4.0, 5.0 Collaborative robot technology , new relationship between man and robot hand machine ,mass personalization, productivity customization of cobots in electronic smart factory concept.
Cobots will assist with mundane tasks

Cobot Companies

KukaABBRethink Robotics have all developed their own cobots, each tackling a different niche.  The list of cobot manufacturers continues to grow.  In addition to manufacturing cobots, there are companies that loan their cobots out for temporary hire.

Cartoon robot sitting in line with applicants for a job interview
Cobots can be hired for temporary assignments

Careers in Robotics the IT Job Co-Worker

If you would like to become involved within this growing field there are plenty of options to take your career. The robotics and automation field is in need of those who have skills in the following areas: A.I., IoT, 2D/3D, CAD, software development, programming, engineering, technicians and of course, sales. Explore our Contract Programming Jobs and Software Development roles on our Mantek Solutions Careers Page To learn more about how to grow your career and to keep abreast of the latest robotics trends consider becoming a member of the Robotics Industries Association. 

woman working with a robot in a factory setting.
The robotics field will continue to grow
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