The Mobile-Friendly Job Listing

With business slowly ramping back up, companies are beginning to resume hiring. As hiring is ramping up Managers, Recruiters and H.R. Managers should be mindful of keeping their job listings mobile-friendly. Most job seekers search for new opportunities using their mobile devices.  In reality, many job seekers will not apply for a position if the job listing or application process isn’t mobile friendly. Following are three key points to keep in mind when optimizing your job listing for the best possible mobile experience. 

Keep Job Titles Brief

Long job descriptions aren’t that big of a deal when being viewed via a desktop or laptop computer as they fit well within the web browser.  Switch to a mobile device, however, and suddenly long job titles take up half the screen.  For an ideal screen fit, cut each job title down to 50 characters or less

Hand holding a business card, with large black type copy reading: Job Title with a question mark
Short, brief job titles are recommended

Delete Extraneous Text

Take a look at the job description to see if you can pare down the text.  Too much text is overwhelming on any screen, whether it is desktop or mobile.  Job seekers on their phones should be able to scroll down the page less than four times to reach the very end of your job description. 

Blue business shirt with hands holding a cell phone while scrolling on the phone.
Too much scrolling to read the text will cause candidates to lose interest

Allow Candidates to Take Action

In addition to looks, functionality is crucial.  Make sure the candidate is able to actually apply to your job from their phone.  The job search sites that you use should allow applicants to submit their information right from their device.  Users should also be able to save and send the job description to others from their phone or tablet. 

White business shirt with hands holding cell phone while touching screen with one finger.
Make it simple for a candidate to apply to a job via phone or tablet

Once you’ve posted an open position, take out your phone or tablet and read your entire listing as if you are a candidate doing a search. Ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Does the job title fit nicely on the page
  • Is there enough white space within the text
  • How many times do you have to scroll down the page to read the full job description
  • Can you apply, save, send and share from your device
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