Covid-19 : Working Through the Fear

Coping with Covid-19 and working through the fear

Covid 19 working Through The Fear
Fear can inhibit your ability to work.

Covid-19 forces us to find a way to work through the fear. Uncertainty breeds fear and anxiety, especially when it concerns our work situation. Why do we have to stay home, stay put and not enjoy many of our normal activities? Self quarantine is helpful in keeping the virus at bay. 

Covid-19 Moves from Droplets to Illness

It is helpful to know just how Covid-19 works, how it is spread and what can be done to keep the virus and fear at bay.  The main way the virus is spread is via person-to-person.  The virus is best spread within six feet from one person to the other through respiratory droplets from when an infected person coughs or sneezes. 

Man sneezing into napkin helps to stop spread virus
Sneezing and coughing are main ways to spread Covid-19

Best Practices

Incorporating best practices to keep the virus at bay will help to lower blood pressure and fear, knowing you are doing all that you can to stay healthy.  The number one best practice is to wash your hands thoroughly. 

washing hands fully with soap and water for 20 seconds helps stop spread virus
Proper hand washing helps

Time Out for You

Take time to be good to yourself.  Lower angst by stopping to smell the flowers.  Take mini breaks from the office by going outside and get some fresh air and exercise. When you can, take time to enjoy your nearby park

Family enjoying a walk in the park helps to reduce anxiety
Take a break, get outdoors

Understanding what is going on with the COVID-19 and knowing what can be done to help quell the spread of the Coronavirus can help to alleviate some of the fear and anxiety many of us are experiencing and working with. Practice safety with social distancing and hand-washing to keep fear at bay. One safe, smart day at a time and we will soon work through this unpleasant outbreak. 

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