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Certifying Big Data Profession

Big Data professionals are in high demand. Therefore, professionals with industry-recognized Big Data certifications are in big-time demand! In other words, a sure-fire way to increase your career profile is to add a certification to your portfolio.  With this stated, not all certifications are alike.  In consideration, below is a list of the leading certifications we have compiled to help in developing your career Big Data Professional success.

CAP – Certified Analytics Professional Big Data by INFORMS

Firstly,  the CAP (Certified Analytics Professional) is administered by INFORMS. INFORMS software development company is a well-established professional society comprised of operations research and related disciplines. Most importantly, the Mantek IT recruitment team recommends candidates consider the CAP as it is one of the most highly sought-after certifications by recruiters looking for Big Data professionals and should be at the top of the list.

Image of the CAP Certified Analytics Professional icon
Certified Analytics Profesional is widely recognized

MSCE Data Management and Analytics – Big Data for Microsoft 

Secondly, because it owns the certifications, Microsoft offers Data Management and Analytics certification. Moreover, it is highly worth considering that this track is just one of several that is offered as part of their MSCE (Microsoft Solutions Certified Expert) program and it is a solid career builder. Clearly, this is the one to focus on if you’re in a Big Data career. Additionally, the MSCE certifies Business Applications, Core Infrastructure, Mobility, and Productivity.

Microsoft certification logo
Microsoft Certification is highly desired

Certified Big Data Cloudera

Thirdly, as of March 2020, Cloudera certifications are back! Clearly, one of the most popular and recognized certifications is the CCP – Cloudera Certified Professional. Likewise, all Cloudera certifications will boost your Big Data skills set and market value.

Logo for Cloudera certification
Cloudera offers 4 professional certifications

SAS – Certified Data Scientist the ultimate Credential

Fourthly, we present the SAS academy offers three professional-level credentials to boost your Big Data career. Among the best options, SAS has a solid customer base in banking, pharmaceutical, academia as well as government industries.

SAS certification logo in a blue round circle
Mega-vendor, SAS offers 3 certifications

Big Data Professional for MongoDB is the Certified Developer

Lastly, but not least in the collection, we introduce the MongoDB certification. Worth noting, MongoDB is a widely-used open-sourced NoSQL database program development project. Moreover, as it is used for organizing and accessing all kinds of Big Data, the MongoDB certification will set your experience apart from other DBAs and Developers.

Black circle with green band for MongoDB certification
Get MongoDB Certified for Big Data success

Consequentially, these five certifications without question will increase your hiring desirability to employers. In conclusion, certified professionals can expect between a $10,000 to $25,000 increase in salary over non-certified Big Data professionals.

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