Top Rural Recruiting Tips

There are many stellar companies located in rural areas wanting to hire the best and brightest talent. Finding quality candidates in a metropolitan market is relatively easy using typical recruiting methods. However, attracting top talent to rural employers will take extra effort and strategy.  Below are six Top Rural Recruiting Tips for sourcing hard to find candidates.

Visual Marketing

Think visual marketing.  Billboards, bus benches, local paper and advertising print are all effective means for reaching your rural audience. Post a classified ad in the local print paper and through their online resource. Highway billboards are particularly effective to reach local and well as non-local candidates. Some establishments such as malls and office buildings offer indoor billboards. For example, consider a digital message inside your local mall.

Billboard on side of highway advertising career opportunity with state of Missouri
Billboards are a creative visual marketing edge

Audio Marketing

Reach out to your local and regional radio stations to get your message to their listening audience. Ask to be a guest on their local broadcasts. Prepare a list of targeted questions and discussion points for the radio host to ask you.  The radio host will be happy to have a local resource on the air and this can also serve as a no-cost way to advertise your company hiring needs. 

Microphone with words in red reading on air
Radio guest spots reach rural areas

Local Institutions

Work with your local institutions. Connect with professors teaching in the field you are seeking to recruit. Need welding engineers? Locate the nearest college or trade school that offers an education in weld engineering. Once you find the organization, contact the professors and make them aware of your company’s hiring needs.  Offer a paid internship for the local students. Join your local Chamber of Commerce. Having local networks can help you tap into the available local talent. 

Local institutions are excellent source for rural recruiting

Bring them Back

Develop a list of candidates that grew up, or once lived in in your region. Many professionals return home for the holidays. This would be a great time to market your company. During the holidays place advertisements in the local paper and on church bulletins. Advertise at local events such as fishing competitions or bowling tournaments. Place an advertisement on a local hiking or outdoor activity website. 

Cozy farm house
The draw to come home is hard to resist

Social Networking

Conduct targeted searches on LinkedIn for passive candidates with your desired skillset. Craft a targeted message and send to all candidates making sure to include your contact information in the communication. Don't have a LinkedIn professional account? Simply send a connection request with your message to your desired candidate and ask them to connect.

social network graph
Conduct targets searches on LinkedIn

Staffing Agency

Additionally, consider engaging a staffing agency. A staffing agency can save you valuable time as well as reduce your overall hiring costs. Staffing firms offer a ready database of candidates as well as employ professionals skilled in using all the aforementioned strategies. Sometimes it just makes more sense to leave the recruiting challenge to the “pros” and let them do the leg work for you.

Should you wish to further explore any of these options for your rural or metro business, please contact us. We offer flexible options such as contract, contract-to-hire and direct-hire arrangements. Contact us to start a conversation!

Woman standing at the head of table where 4 others are seated with their laptops open
Engage a staffing agency for your rural search
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