Capitalize on Connections

At Mantek, we are ALWAYS looking for good talent! If you know of someone looking for a job in IT, send them to us!!

If the candidate is not already in Mantek Solutions’ database, (or even if they are, and we’ve not had contact with them within the last year) your referral is valid for any position they may be suitable for, for a period of six months following your referral.

Referral Incentive Bonuses: In order to qualify for the referral bonus, the candidate must be placed in a position and complete the required guarantee period as defined below. The bonus reward will be sent to you immediately following the guarantee period.

$500.00 BONUS for a contract candidate referral. Bonus is paid after the completion of 500 successful hours on contract (approx. 3 months).

$1000.00 BONUS for a full-time hire candidate referral. Bonus is paid after client guarantee period is satisfied, defined at time of hire.

Mantek Solutions pays unlimited bonus incentives, please keep your referrals coming!!!

To refer a potential candidate to Mantek, please contact a Mantek recruiter or send referral to with REFERRAL CANDIDATE noted in subject line, referral candidates resume and information how to contact you both.


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